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ec Newsletter #11

Gudday from Gisborne,

Greetings from Sunny Gisborne and welcome to all the new subscribers to the newsletter - I hope you enjoy the insights and please do press reply once you have read it and let me know your thoughts and any future topics you'd like to see covered...

Also see below for the continuing special offer we have for our customers - refer a web site customer to us and their first six months hosting is free - and as a thank you we'll also give you six free months free hosting too...

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Today's topic:
Reducing your costs using the web as a business tool

Let's not mention the "R" word - if we focus on things that we are doing well and still give great service then we probably won't even notice.

It is important to ensure that your web site is being used to maximum benefit at any time to reduce costs - not just when the media tells us we are in a "recession" - opps sorry didn't mean to mention the "R" word - it just slipped in...!

Keeping an eye on costs is always a great idea and reviewing what your web site does is also a great thing to undertake every so often and shouldn't be undertaken any less than once per year.

Having outdated information displayed on your web site is a negative factor that can turn web site visitors off - even before they contact you.

Having products or services that you offer but are not on the web site is also a wasted opportunity.

Lowering costs in your day to day business operations is always smart - lets look at some of the ways you can use a web site to reduce day to day operational costs:

Use your web site to act as an Online Sales Brochure - upsell, resell or cross sell when someone phones you up - ask them if they can browse the web while you talk and step them through your product pages on your web site. This is easy to also show them how to add your web site into their favourites so they can return again.

Have an Online Parts Catalogue & order mechanism or make sure there are enough "How to" instructions to make the phone ring less often and for a shorter time with new or returning customers.

Provide online help forums where other customers can help new customers use your products or services - this could be in a passworded area so that participants agree to a "click-wrap" agreement to "play nice" and "not be a nuisance rather than a help"

Provide a password area for other Online Resources such as help files, training resources and a searchable knowledge base to cut down on the number and length of support calls.

Provide a list of helpful web site links for customers to get the best out of your product or service from other sources such as your suppliers or industry associations that you belong to.

Provide and maintain a list of contacts for web visitors to make a single phone call or email direct to the person within your company who can answer their question directly.

Change your phone message that people get when you are on the phone to direct them to the knowledge base on the web site - this can reduce the number of voice calls that you deal with and allows people to "self help" and find solutions for themselves.

Maintain your FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page with new questions that people ask via phone, email and the web site. Ask the front of house staff what questions keep getting asked by phone callers or people at your front counter.

Use your web site to test the outcomes of other marketing campaigns and trim the ones that aren't working...

(This is going to be a newsletter subject in its own right - but if you promote a unique web address in a newspaper advert - and that address has not been entered into search engines or used as a link anywhere on the web then we can measure the traffic to that page using the web statistics.

We can then make a comparison that the price of the advert bought us x number of visitors - compare that with other newspaper adverts using different web addresses and stop doing the expensive campaigns that are not bringing in the traffic.)

The E-C Toolset is an easy to use way to maintain the content of your web site and to grow new pages and sections over time.

Contact us on the numbers below if you need some help in getting new content onto your web site...

Bonus for Gisborne Based Businesses...!

Russell will be presenting two free seminars under the Biz Program in Gisborne on the 4th and 11th of November from 5:30 - 8:30pm at Turanga Ararau

This 3 hour workshop is ideal for business owners and managers that are web users wanting hints & tips to stay safe and be more productive in using the Internet as a business tool. Some knowledge of the Internet is assumed but you do not need to have a web site to get value from this workshop.

Workshop content:
SPAM - NZ Anti-spam laws, avoiding it: the costs and time Legally Direct Market your products and services to profitable customers Security and Online Antics - minimize the risk of losing your confidential information Google's Free Tools for Businesses Using MS Outlook - managing emails, files and management

Ideal for existing website owners that want to get more results from their web site. Owning a web site and being aware of basic business practises would ensure that you get the best from this workshop.

Workshop content:
Using the Internet as your BEST and most effective marketing tool What web site visitors want Using the web in a marketing and sales process Buying traffic - driving traffic to your site Advanced Traffic Building Techniques

Bonus Tool

See www.flo2cash.co.nz for a new service to process credit cards on your web site. We can set this up for you and the biggest benefit over other providers is that you don't need to have a merchant account with your bank so this is a cheaper option than many.

They also offer lots of types of payments such as Direct Debit from a bank account directly from a web site and also other credit card payment methods such as Virtual Terminal, Phone Payments and Recurring payments.

Contact us to discuss how this can be used on your web site...

Bonus "Bonus Offer"

We need new clients for the rest of this year...! Who do you know that needs a new web site that really works...?

If you refer a new client to us until the end of December we'll give you (and them) six months of free web hosting when we launch their new web site
- just ensure that they let us know you referred them...

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That's it for now - please do let us know what you think of the newsletter - and of the e-c toolset and thanks for your business...!

Cheers and thanks again

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