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ec Newsletter #1

Gudday from Gisborne,

And welcome to the first "official" e-c newsletter.

This will be the first of a bi-weekly newsletter to our customers and friends - feel free to pass this on if you think it contains value.

Keeping up to date

A special date - April 24th was the 12th birthday of WebFoot Publications Ltd (E-C's predecessor) according to the companies office - and they are government department so can be trusted on these kind of things.

I recently found a quote from an earlier date then this and it read really well - my thoughts on how to use the web as a business tool are pretty good
- even then...!

Back to school - during April I spent two days at an Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Auckland with Gihan Perera (http://www.gihanperera.com/) - you can just tell right - that's why I'm writing this long promised newsletter...!

The Bootcamp was awesome...! Visit the site above for lots of free resources and you'll be seeing us implement lots of great things over the coming months - stay tuned...

Feature Article

The newspapers seem to be trying pretty hard to use the "R" word (recession) to describe the business environment.

If you are looking at the various fixed costs at this time (and I don't blame you - we are...!) there's something that you could be doing to get a bigger bang for your buck.

When was the last time you checked your search engine optimisation and how it is working for you...?

Hopefully you are still in love with your web site - it looks great but is it getting the consistent traffic from search engines for your targeted key word phrases that we worked on when we launched the site.

Paying for hosting is one ongoing cost that can look a lot better on the balance sheet if the web site is pulling its own weight - but there's also the sunk cost of the web site to consider.

Imagine getting more sales leads and better qualified customers that are very keen for you to supply them with your products and services.

There are some simple steps to getting better results today - brainstorm with your team the key phrases you think people would type into a search engine to find you - or dust off the list we made when we talked about this last.

Enter those phrases into search engines and see where you come up - and see who are your "peers" (ie the competition).

Hopefully you are near the top - but if not go and add some new content to your web site using the e-c toolset targeted to that key phrase.

Ideally this would be whole new page and it could be a description of how your product or service works - or could be a description of your products and services unique point of difference and competitive points of difference.

Also visit your peers - what information do they have on their web sites that you don't...? Again use the e-c toolset to add that type of information to your web sites pages.

We are here to help of course - give the team a call on the numbers below if you need help in logging in or adding a new page.

We'll also be having more of the free training coming up in Rotorua and Gisborne along with some general seminars in Tauranga and Hamilton.

End Feature Article


Look out for:- We'll be launching a new e-community portal for our customers where I'll post new article content as well as useful links, eBooks and ultimately training videos too.

Free Gift

Here's a great book about Adwords - one of the better ones I've found you can download it from the links at top right of www.RussellSays.com

That's it for now - please do let us know what you think of the newsletter - and of the e-c toolset and thanks for your business...!

Cheers and thanks again

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