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Review - SEO Elite v4 by Bryxen Software

SEO Elite is now in its 4th version. The author is Brad Callen, and being an SEO expert himself, he has made sure that this tool contains everything needed to simplify the tasks required to get a web site really ranking well in all search engines.

This software does amazing things:

1. Analyse backlinks at the following search engines: Google, Yahoo, MSN, All the Web and Altavista

Backlinks are the inbound links "To" a web site - and you can check your web site AND your competitors

This will allow you to find out why a page is ranking well, and then beat the competition and take their top spot.

The information that SEO Elite retrieves for each of the backlinks includes: the URL, Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, page title, anchor text, number of outbound links on the page, total links on the page, Whois information for that page, Contact e-mail, and Link popularity.

All I can say is WOW! Imagine being able to type in a competitors URL and getting all of his/her link partners handed to you on a plate with all the information you need to evaluate the partners and then request a link of your own if they are any good.

2. Get more links to your pages - but be cautious using this these days - Google is starting to penalise web sites that have inbound links from the "link farms" that provide little value in content and are just lists of links. In a hotly contested market though (e.g. if your competitors are already doing this) then you may have to join them to beat them...

SEO Elite can find, and contact high ranking authority sites to exchange links with. SEO Elite will even submit your site to link directories and will even build and maintain your links page for you.

3. Analyse Allinanchor, allintitle and allintext - really geeky stuff - but very important...

These three types of searches will tell you where you need to concentrate your optimization efforts.

Allinanchor will rank the websites in order of importance by the websites with the most backlinks containing the specified keyword. "Anchor" is the name given to the link text in the link that you click on.

Allintitle will rank the websites in order of importance by the websites with the most optimized page title for the specified keyword. "Title" is the page title of the web page - as viewable in the very top title of the window when you view a web page.

Allintext will rank the websites in order of importance by the websites with the most optimized on page text for the specified keyword. "Text" refers to the text within the web page.

4. Verify that link partners are still linking back - a great link checking tool just in itself....

Want to make sure that your link partners still have a link to your site? SEO Elite can automatically check them, and let you know.

This was the original purpose of Link Proctor (the name SEO Elite used to be known by) which made it so valuable. As you can see, it is now just one of many important features of this superb software.

Check up on your link partners. See valuable information like whether they still link to you and from where on their site. What link text do they use to link to you (very important for link reputation of your page), what PR does that page have (important not to link to penalized sites), what is the Alexa rank of that site linking to you, the page title of the linking page, the number of links on the linking page and much more. The information you get from this feature of SEO Elite will put you way ahead of the competition in the linking game.

5. Find out where your site is ranked for a given word - this is really cool....

Check your Google, Yahoo, MSN, All the Web and Altavista rankings automatically. SEO Elite will tell you daily, weekly and monthly changes to your rankings.

The reports that this generates is worth the money alone - see what effect adding new content has to your entire web site....

6. Find out how many pages are indexed - Google webmaster tools help with this - but only for Google - SEO Elite gets the results from all the major search engines.

Which search engines have your pages in their index, and why are some pages not getting in? This tool can help you find which pages need more effort.

7. Find possible authority websites - useful for special linking arrangements - one on one

Find the best possibly potential link partners, and get SEO Elite to gather the contact information for you. Links from these sites are essential for top rankings in competitive niches.

8. Article Submitter - this is a new(ish) way to build traffic - create articles and submit them to the free article resources on the web - a really neat way of positioning yourself as an expert and getting great good quality inbound links.

That's right. SEO Elite will even submit your articles to article directories.

SEO Elite Summary

SEO Elite is phenomenal value for money. Any SEO expert worth his salt will tell you that incoming links are vital to high rankings. SEO Elite gives you every bit of information you need to evaluate not only your own linking campaigns, but reverse engineer the linking strategies of your competitors, and then beat them at their own game.

This software is an absolute must for anyone serious about their online business. SEO Elite will save you many hours a week and will make you a better SEO. I cannot recommend this tool highly enough. Great job Brad!

Buy the SEO Elite tool here

If you are a customer of ours already - Contact us for information about how we are using the tool for your site.



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